I teach via Skype with a first free 15 minute lesson. After this, lessons are £25 per hour, £20 for 45 minutes and £12.50 for 30 minutes. The first two lessons are paid in advance, then the fee is payable on each lesson. Also, with the first block of 4 lessons there is a 5th lesson free. After this there are only 4. Payable with Paypal and after the first two or four the fee can be paid into a bank account.

The advantages of lessons via Skype are lessons in your own home, no travelling in rainy weather, tools are at hand such as amps/books/writing materials/CD’s/computer etc. No waiting at bus stops or tube stations, therefore no travelling fees on top of the tuition fee. Give the first free lesson a go, what has one to lose! Hope to Skype you soon, Bye for now…Colin Molloy.