• ALCM (Classical Guitar) (London College of Music)
  • DipLCM (Both Thames Valley University)
  • Performers Certificate (Trinity College of Music, London)
  • A214(O.U) Theory of Music
  • Grade 8 (ABRSM) (Guitar)
  • Early life as a Guitarist

Colin began playing the classical guitar at the age of seven with his first guitar teacher Mrs Nettleton (84 yrs old). In those days she’d taught Hank Marvin, (THE SHADOWS). Eric Burdon and Alan Price, (THE ANIMALS). She did complain in a nice way that Eric was a bit of a problem because he preferred to sit up on her garden wall and sing, instead of practicing during his guitar lesson. Needless to say, it obviously didn’t do him any harm, he became a super star.

After Colin moved from Tyneside to Hertfordshire, his guitar teachers were John Cadman who taught Colin to put his heart and soul into the playing of the classical guitar followed by Professor Bill Grandison with Colin’s tuition at Trinity College, London. They were superb teachers that had to be seen and heard to be believed – the real masters of the classical guitar, Colin soaked up this knowledge like a sponge soaks up water.

London College of Music

At the age of eighteen he auditioned and won a place at the London College of Music, studying for three years as a Performer of Classical Guitar, under Professor Lloyd Webber, father of Julian and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Guru, Oliver Hunt taught Colin the finer points with the technical aspects of the guitar, including the theory of music, harmony and composition.

He now teaches guitar in all categories and all ages from seven years old up to senior citizens (beginners to advanced Grades I – VIII) in the North London area for the past twenty five years.

Testimonials are available if required this includes no problems with CRB clearance.

Life as a Musician

In the beginning he started his own Rock Band, ‘Gothique’ originally called, ‘Made In England’ becoming second in the final of ‘K Tels Battle of the Bands’ at the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road, London.

He played Lead Guitarist for Samantha Fox appearing on Top of the Pops, Terry Wogan Show and the Jim Davidson’s Summertime Special etc. Also the Montreaux Music Festival plus other major venues, and TV all over Europe and the UK.